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The cooperation between the EU partners will enable the creation of several useful deliverables to improve the field of VET and social economy

What we want 

to achieve

The purpose of the ETSE-Goals Project is to promote an innovative approach for the full incorporation of the Sustainable Development Goals in business teachings in Social Economy that are offered at VET level, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the social entrepreneurial ecosystem and its transformative power at European level.

Let's share with you what we are going to create!

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During the first phase of the project, a survey on the implementation of the SDGs in VET curricula is conducted in order to draw a comparative study. At the same time, more than 50 successful initiatives, projects or strategies in different countries developed at European level to successfully integrate the SDGs into entrepreneurship education at VET level, especially for the social economy, are identified. These examples of good practice serve as a basis for the development of the second project outcome, the training package for VET instructors.


ETSE Goals allows to create an innovative training package for VET instructors aimed at creating innovative learning opportunities on how to incorporate in the practice the SDGs into their entrepreneurial teachings in Social Economy that will be available locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. The project partner develop a set of content and pedagogical materials for the training of vocational teachers teaching social economy subjects. The content of the training is absolutely innovative, as the training prepares professionals to use the SDGs and the tools for sustainable development in their daily work. This work package includes also the design and the launching of an online collaborative platform in order to foster the networking among VET teachers, students and stakeholders in entrepreneurial teachings in Social Economy.


The development of policy recommendations aims to the effective promotion of the full incorporation of the SDGs into the entrepreneurial teachings in Social Economy into the VET educational sector. Analysis of the policies of European education authorities and stakeholders with regard to the implementation of the SDGs at VET level, in particular in relation to the social economy area; and proposal of improvement measures based on improved training of teachers so that they can incorporate the SDGs with a multidisciplinary approach that has a direct impact on students, both professionally and personally.

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